Since FIR are able to hatch the eggs of insects, sea turtles, chickens and other animals, causing them to develop blood vessels, nerves, skeleton, skin and feathers, it may similarly cause changes to the human body.

Our bodies are made up of cells, and the most important ingredient in cells is water. Water makes up 65% to 70% of mass of the human body. The cells in the body in turn forms the various tissues and organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, digestive organs, blood vessels, nerves, bones and skin. Just as FIR are able to cause the albumin and egg yolk to develop into various organs, it is able to activate, revitalise, reactivate, develop and strengthen the various organs in our bodies when it is absorbed.

In the various organs of the human body, the circulatory system plays an important role, especially the micro-circulatory system. It is the basis of sustenance of life, because if it deteriorates, death is likely to follow. When there are problems with the micro-circulatory system, various ailments will occur. FIR vibrating at a frequency similar to that emitting from the human body is able to penetrate into the body, activate the cells and reactivate as well as strengthen the micro-circulatory systems. It regulates the blood flow and releases the blood in blood vessels, which have been blocked due to blood clots and at the same time reactivates the vital energy in the body. That is why we say that FIR is able to regulate the blood circulatory systems of the body, especially that of the micro-circulatory system.

The various activities of the Human body depends on the supply of nutrients. Nutrients ingested into our bodies, provide us energy and help sustain our lives. At the same time, waste matters which are produced after the nutrients have been absorbed, have to be removed from the body. This process is known as metabolism. The metabolic rate of each individual is an indicator of his/her health. If we wish to have a healthy life, we must maintain a good and strong metabolic rate. FIR is able to improve blood flow and continuously uplift the metabolic rate of the body. As the transport of the nutrients in the body depends on blood flow, the removal of metabolic waste matters from the various activities in the body is also dependent on the circulatory system. When the circulatory system is improved under the influence of FIR, it will naturally improve our metabolism. As such, the second benefit that FIR provides for the human body is the elevation of metabolism thus improving energy levels.

Its third benefit is elevation of the immunity of our bodies against diseases. This is part of the effects of the improvement in the micro-circulatory system and metabolism of the body. It helps to slow down the ageing process, increase resistance against diseases and increases longevity.

The Benefits Of Bioceramic Health Products

Today, with the continuous advancement in science and technology, we have further understood the effects of FIR and through research, we have discovered that bio-ceramics can be used in the manufacture of various health products. This has been great leap forward by modern science and technology and such products are hi-tech products.

Bio-ceramics is the raw material, which is capable of emitting large amounts of FIR, under specific conditions and influence of the temperature of the human body and due to its unique molecular structure, it continuously emits FIR of a specific range of wavelength (4 -16 microns). This is exactly the type of FIR with the right wave length range required by the Human body. It is this type of FIR that activates the various biological functions of the human body.

This type of FIR, does not cause any harmful effects to the human body. FIR health products produce two different effects on the human body.

The first effect is that of strengthening the body and upkeeping health, thus preventing diseases. The other effect is its effect on the human body which is capable of treating various common ailments. This form of therapy is based upon strengthening the resistance of the human body against diseases, thus reducing suffering and accelerating recuperation. Its is a form of supportive therapy based on health-keeping principles. It is different from chemotherapy and surgery. It is common for doctors in various hospitals to use FIR as a form of physiotherapy.

Its second effect is in the treatment of common ailments.

We encounter various ailments in our daily lives; FIR health products are able to provide supportive therapy for such ailments.

The following are a few examples of common ailments

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1.   Swelling of the Prostate Gland in Men.

2.   Health Maintenance of the Female Ureter.

3.    Excessive Leukorrhea In Women.

4.    Menstrual Pains.

5.    Piles.