CONYBIO HEALTHCARE (INDIA) PVT. LTD., is the dream project of the promoter, Dato Seri Dr. N Khangendrran, who wanted to start a business in India, in the land of his forefathers. Dr. Kana, as he is more famously known , was born and brought up in Malaysia, but his roots have originated from India.

As he traveled extensively, he experienced the power of a wide range of products, which he felt would be of great value and benefit to the people of India..

Dr. Kana, who has extensively traveled all over the world was particularly fascinated by the fact that the life expectancy in China was very high when compared to that of India. The average life expectancy in China was 77 years, whereas in India, as per the census of India it is 58 years. The reason for this was the extensive usage of the Far Infrared Rays Technology based Products by the Chinese. He desired and felt that this should also benefit the people of India and hence decided to bring this unique opportunity to India.

CONYBIO was created as a forum in which its participants could express their intent to contribute to transforming the quality of people’s lives and at the same time, contribute to the quality of nurturing the planet and its inhabitants, using non –adversarial means. Briefly put, it is our intention to contribute to a world that can eventually work for everyone.

CONYBIO products essentially bring you the goodness of the Sun, encapsulated in the form of bioceramics, embedded in fabric of daily wear / use. Upon contact with the human body Far Infra Red Rays are emitted which is very beneficial for the sustenance of all life forms on this planet.

Conybio Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian Company and is into the business of Interactive Distribution. Conybio started its commercial operations in April 1999 with just 12 unique Bioceramic based products and now has an array of over 70 products to choose from in a span of thirteen years. Today it has emerged as one of the largest Network Marketing Company in India.and has become a household name in some of the major cities of India. It has earned the distinction of becoming an Indian Multi National Company, headquartered in Chennai, India. .

CONYBIO was formed with an objective of providing an alternative self-employment opportunity to the people of India. Today within a span of 13 years Conybio has provided self-employment opportunities to over 4, 00,000 Indians and is ambitious of providing these opportunities to many more. It is by no means a small feat to manage and interact with over the lakhs of associates of the Company and the Company has been able to do so with an appropriate infrastructure that has been created at Chennai.

CONYBIO has created a compliment of 80 Crown Diamond Managers; over 4 lakh Distributors, more than 400 proud Earn Car Achievers. The Business Network is supported by an array of Stockists and an effective product distribution network through 16 dedicated Consignment Agents on an All India basis.

CONYBIO has been recognised by the “FIR Association of Korea”, the apex body for excellence in Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology, for being the pioneer credited with the introduction of high quality Grade 1 Superior Bioceramic Products in India and awarded the prestigious “Bio-Cert” – the certificate for excellence in April 2003. Conybio has also been awarded the coveted ISO 9001 – 2008 quality benchmark by M/s. Intertek Group plc UK, the official authorised ISO 9001 – 2008 certifier .

CONYBIO products conform to supportive therapy only, for the well being of the human body and should be used in addition to the prescribed medicines recommended by your doctor, in case of an ailment. Our products are neither a medicine nor an alternative to medicine and we do not claim preventive and / or curative properties / benefits by usage of our products. The Company has conducted several field trails on each and every product. There are innumerable testimonials from actual users to support our belief on the products.


Our mission is to provide Unique Products and Services for Better Living, through an ongoing Financial Opportunity within our growing CONYBIO Family.


Our Vision is to touch Millions of Peoples Lives by offering Good Health, Financial Independence and Personal Freedom