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  • I have been using products for the past 4 or 5 months. It is very effective and I have been using the Conybio Socks as well as Conytakara and it certainly improved my health. I recommend this product to everyone out here and I am sure it will help increase your health and as well as your life span.

  • I had pain on my heel. I went to many doctors and took a lot of medicines, but it was not cured. One day, I purchased Conybio Socks. I used it only for 3 days. On the 4 th day, I felt complete relief from the pain. This Socks is a wonderful product.

  • I took a T-shirt and Socks and it does miracles for me. After one month, I got relief of my back pain and you can understand the relief to my family, by my myself, to my job also, so I can give more time and healthy time also I am giving. After that I tried that Spirulina also, which is giving more and more effective energy to me.

  • My friend told me about Conybio Company, 2½ years back. At once I thought about my Aunty, she is suffering from back pain for past 18 years. To get her relief from back pain, I purchased a Waist Belt from Conybio Company and I gave the belt to her. After using this product, she got total relief from back pain in 2½ months.

  • First I used Conybio Soap, then I used Headband. I had black spots and scars all over my face. I have been using this Soap from 2003 till date, due to which all my black spots and scars have disappeared. I am using this headband regularly, which you are seeing now and now Conybio has given me a new business opportunity, which to day has helped me reach my present position.


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